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The arrival of a baby in the family is undoubtedly the most exciting experience for new parents and grandparents. If you are a first time parent, this can also be a bit overwhelming and unnerving. There are so many things to do and remember, and so much to avoid!
However, when it comes to baby furniture, you can relax and place your order with us. At Baby Bunting, we have a large collection of child furniture items made with expert care.
While buying baby furniture, the size and age of your baby are the two main factors you should consider. If you want your baby to remain close to you during those early days, you will need a Moses basket or cot. Older babies will need toddler beds or cot beds.
Baby Bunting sells a range of baby cots that are safe and comfortable for your little bundle of joy. Our cots meet the safety standards specified by the Australian government. They are stable, durable, and adjust to fit the needs of your child. We also offer baby change tables that make nappy changing less difficult. They have shelves and drawers where you can keep all the essentials.