When it comes to introducing a newborn into the home, it certainly pays to be prepared. Make the transition easier for you and your family by using this checklist to fully prepare your bedroom or nursery.

Must haves

Cot or bassinet

Whichever you choose will be a matter of preference, finances and space. Keep in mind the fast growth rate of newborns if you are considering a bassinet, as any baby that can sit up should be behind the protective slats of a cot. And before considering a second-hand cot, be sure it meets the mandatory Australian safety standards– required by all post-2005 made cots.


Buying a mattress brand new ensures its hygiene and allows you to make sure it fits the dimensions of your cot. For the safety of your baby, mattresses should hold their shape and remain quite firm when depressed.


At a bare minimum your nursery will need two sets of sheets, but ideally more. Bedding and mattress protectors/rubber sheets must fit tight so that they don’t loosen and become a choking hazard. Always have a spare set of each ready to go in case of mess.