Every parent wants their child to grow into a happy and healthy adult. In early life, babies and toddlers rely on their parents for everything, which is why it's important that parents are positive role models. Being a positive influence and guiding young children in the right direction is vital for their growth and development.

Being a role model for babies

A role model is an individual whose behaviour is imitated by other people. By being a positive influence on a baby you are introducing the child into a world that they feel is a safe, loving environment where they can learn and grow.                                                                                                                                                                              While babies don’t react or mimic behaviour as visibly as a toddler, they will develop their character through observing simple acts such as a smile, singing or a cuddle. These actions release hormones to help your baby grow and reinforces to your baby that they are safe. By responding to your baby’s needs with love, compassion and affection it will encourage your baby to communicate more, which in turn develops their behaviour and emotions.

Being a role model for toddlers

As children begin to mature into toddlers by becoming more active and vocal, they adopt the characteristics of those around them. A positive role model is vital in this stage of life as toddlers will often mimic how adults around them act. Adults should be demonstrating a range of qualities to children that they would like them to embrace.
One of these habits is respect which can be shown through the way adults speak to each other or to children. If a toddler sees role models treating others in a nasty manner they may believe that this is an acceptable way to act.
Another habit is to encourage toddlers to be active and engage with others. By playing games with others, your toddler learns how to interact with others and will develop a range of skills for future teamwork and sharing. Rather than trying to tell children how to act, it is important to show them through your own behaviour.
Role models are not solely responsible for the development of young children but have a large impact on forming positive habits. Ultimately, children who have strong, encouraging influences in their lives will be set up to develop positive behaviours and an optimistic outlook on life.