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Bonds Baby

Bonds Baby - Suits, Pyjamas, Swaddling

Newborns need warmth and security. Bonds Baby suits and pyjamas will keep your baby snug and warm. They will prevent her from getting disturbed by her own startle reflex.And since your baby needs a lot of warmth (she spent a long time in her mother’s womb after all), these suits will also keep her warm for the first few weeks of her life. Newborns need to be kept warm until their internal thermostat kicks in. Proper swaddling might even calm your baby if she has been crying too much. Newborns yearn for the security and tightness they experienced in the womb. Our wondersuits are perfect for giving them that feeling. Choosing the right clothing for your baby is extremely important because improper clothing or swaddling can cause damage to her tender bones and cartilage. Besides baby clothing, Bonds Baby also offers maternity clothing for moms-to-be. Our bras, bikinis, and tank tops are made from the finest quality materials and provide all the support you need.

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