Aqua Scale Bath & Stands Online


Baby bath time is a special bonding time between parent and child. It’s the time when your little one is all excited about splashing around in the water. An important bath time activity is measuring their weight. As you might know already, healthy weight gain is important for any baby. Aqua Scale is a baby bath tub that is made with the latest technology. It helps you monitor the temperature of the bath water, while letting you know about the weight of the baby. It measures accurate weight after considering the water weight as well.

At Baby Bunting, we understand that your little one’s well-being is extremely important. Our Aqua Scale bath tub constantly monitors water temperature and allows you to make adjustments. It has an anti-slip pad and your little one stays secure in his position.

This tub is perfect for children less than two years of age. The unique shape of this tub ensures that your baby has a hassle-free bath. Carefully designed and engineered, this tub will let your kid have the best bath time fun. Get your very own Aqua Scale bath tub at Baby Bunting. We stock all the best brands at low prices.



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