Gaia Natural - Bath, Baby Powder


Bath time for babies is often a tiring experience. Not anymore! With Gaia Natural baby toiletries, you can make bath time peaceful, fun and even restful! Select from our Gaia Natural product range including bath and baby powder. Our baby starter kit is an excellent gift for a would-be mother. Show your baby you care by giving them a bubble bath free of irritants.

At Baby Bunting, we have a collection of Gaia Natural products, and you will find a list of items along with ingredients listed to give you peace of mind. Gaia Natural baby products are free of irritants and soft on your baby’s eyes and skin. We also have bamboo wipes that are eco-friendly and contain absolutely no alcohol. If you want natural and soft products for your baby, Gaia Natural would be your best choice. Check out our collections at Baby Bunting for an easy shopping experience.



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