Halo - Sleepsacks


New parents love Halo Sleepsacks for several reasons. Halo Sleepsacks allow your baby to sleep peacefully and provide the same comfort and warmth as any blanket or quilt. When your baby is swaddled in a Sleepsack, they will feel secure and comfortable. Sleep is crucial to the normal development of a baby.

Halo Sleepsacks are an easy way to ensure that your child sleeps well at night. It is made of soft cotton fabric. It comes in sizes suitable for newborns and slightly older babies. Halo Sleepsacks can be worn over your baby’s regular sleepwear. It is available in a variety of colours, patterns and fabrics.

Baby Bunting has a cute selection of Halo products. Browse and order your Halo Sleepsacks online or at your local Baby Bunting store.



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