Kidz Banz - Sunglasses


Looking for cute sunglasses for your kids? Check out the Kidz Banz collection at Baby Bunting. Kidz Banz is a big name in the sunglasses industry. Their sunnies have lenses that provide protection from ultraviolet A and B rays. They also feature shatter-resistant polycarbonate frames.

Kidz Banz was originally designed in Australia which has a strong UV environment.
The 'Category 3' lenses used in Kidz Banz sunglasses reduce sun glare significantly. These lenses can be replaced with prescription lenses. Kidz Banz sunglasses have neoprene elastic straps that match the colour of the sunglasses. The straps are flexible, comfortable, and breathable. The adjustable Velcro will ensure that the glasses fit with your baby easily.

Baby Bunting is proud to have partnered with Kids Banz. We offer a wide variety of their products in store and online. Check out our range of Kidz Banz products. Baby Bunting is committed to bringing you the best products in childcare. We are a store loved and trusted by millions of Australian parents.



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