Reynard - Wipes


Your baby is growing every day, and there is a lot that he or she has to do. But in between their adventures, they will feel the need to “go”. To keep their baby clean, many new parents use baby wipes so that their babies are always mess-free. Reynard offers everyday wipes for your little one. These wipes are made of ultra-soft, non-woven, highly absorbent, and strong materials. Make sure you don’t use ordinary face wipes for your babies because face wipes contain alcohol that can dry out your baby’s skin in no time. Reynard baby wipes are free of chemicals and harmful perfumes. With these clean and natural wipes, there are lower chances of eczema for your baby. Baby Bunting offers Reynard baby wipes at reasonable rates and has an easy checkout process. Just a few clicks and the wipes will be delivered to your doorstep.



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