Sangenic - Nappy Disposal, Refills


Sangenic offers a range of nappy disposal solutions for busy mums and dads. With Sangenic nappy disposal kits, you can protect your child from germs, get rid of smells, and avoid numerous trips to the bin outside. The Sangenic nappy disposal systems mask the odour and provide a hygienic solution at changing time. They feature a unique twist-lock technology that wraps soiled nappies in an anti-bacterial film. This process kills germs and locks away odours. To start using the system, you only have to drop one of the refill cassettes into the tub. It is much more effective than nappy sacks when it comes to providing odour protection. It is easy to set up and use the system. At Baby Bunting, you can conveniently browse through the nappy disposal systems from Sangenic and also benefit from our affordable prices.


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