Snuza - Movement Monitors


At Baby Bunting, we have a revolutionary product to help you keep track of your little one’s movement. Snuza is a baby monitor that will attach itself to the nappy and monitor the abdominal movement of your little one. If it detects weak movements or lower than eight movements in a minute, it will alert you. If it notices no movement after a set amount of time, Snuza will cause vibrations to stimulate your baby. These vibrations are enough to rouse the baby. But if the baby is not roused after several vibrations, it will raise an alarm.

New parents are often worried about the well-being of their little ones. This product is designed to help keep their worries away. If you’re often worried about the health of your baby as they sleep in their crib, you can get your own Snuza alarm system here at Baby Bunting.



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