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Vulli is a popular name in children’s toys. They’ve been in this industry since 1945, and are specialists in child welfare as well as early toys. Vulli has created several products related to child development. Vulli believes in sustainable development, and they follow eco-friendly methods. Baby Bunting offers several Vulli products for your child. These products are made of high quality materials and with expert craftsmanship. Consider their teethers for example. Made with flexible and chewy material, these teethers are cute and come in animal shapes. Also, when the baby pulls and tugs at these toys, they make squeaking sounds. An excellent gift for any teething baby, these toys look like real giraffes and fawns.

Whether you’re planning to buy something for your baby or looking for a gift for a friend’s child, you’ll find the right products here. With just a few clicks, you can order your child’s favourite teething toy here at Baby Bunting.



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