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As parents and caregivers, we always want to know our children are safe. This is especially true for travelling in the car, where having a correctly fitted child or baby car seat is extremely important for your little one’s safety and wellbeing. At Baby Bunting, we have a wide range of safe, comfortable child car seats so you can feel confident you’re keeping your baby safe while you’re out and about. You can also take advantage of our accredited car seat fitting service, ensuring your child safety restraint is installed properly.

Our range of baby car seats

No matter how old your little one is, or what type of vehicle you drive, you’ll love the range of child car restraints available at Baby Bunting. Whether you have a brand-new baby needing a car seat appropriate for a newborn, a toddler needing a car seat upgrade, or an older child needing a broader or taller booster, you’ll find what you’re after right here. Our selection of car seats includes:

  • Infant capsules for easy transitions from car to pram and back again.
  • Convertible car seats suitable from birth to approximately 4 years old.
  • Harnessed boosters and car seats to keep older children safe and secure in the car.
  • Seat belt boosters for older children who might not fit a harnessed booster anymore.

We also have car seat accessories, so if you need a tether extender for your car seat, or anything else to improve the fit and comfort of your child in the car, you can get it all right here.

What car seat should you buy?

Buying car seats online can be overwhelming. There are so many types and brands to choose from, and they are generally an important purchase, so you don’t want to make the wrong choice. Here are some considerations to help you get the child or infant car seats that are right for your family and vehicle.

Get the right seat for your child’s age and height

There are two main factors to think about first when you’re choosing a car seat: your child’s age, and their height when sitting down which impacts when their shoulders meet the height markers.

These are important as they directly affect what types of restraints you can use according to the law.

While the exact legislation may vary slightly between states, you will generally need to ensure a few things:

  1. If you have a baby who is less than 6 months old, they are in a rear-facing car seat or capsule.
  2. If your baby is between 6 months old and 4 years old, they are either:
    1. Rear-facing in a restraint where they fit appropriately within the markers of the seat according to the manufacturer’s manual; or
    2. Forward facing in a fully harnessed restraint where they fit within the markers to allow them to face forwards.
  3. Note: we recommend keeping your child rear-facing for as long as possible, and for a minimum of 12 months, as this is the safest option for children when travelling in a vehicle.

  4. If your child is between 4 years old and 7 years old, they are in an appropriate forward-facing harnessed restraint or booster seat. If your child is over 7 they may sit in an adult seat, but it’s recommended they are at least 145cm tall and pass the 5-step test before making this change.

Please be sure to ask a certified fitter about the relevant legislation in your state or get familiar with it yourself to ensure you are keeping your little one as safe as possible while also following the relevant rules. While your child’s age is relevant for the legislation, it’s also important to remember to always choose a car seat that fits your child well – their shoulder height is key for getting the best harness or seatbelt fit.

Consider your vehicle

The type of vehicle you drive will also influence what baby car seat might be best for you and your family. For example, if you have a small hatchback or dual cab ute, you might find that large 0-8 harness convertible car seats are far too big when rear-facing and restrict the use of your front passenger seat. But if you have a spacious people-mover, that might not matter as much.

The size of your family may also impact this choice – for example, if it’s just you and bub typically in the car, then having your front seat available won’t be as critical as it would be for someone squeezing a larger group in for every trip.

For vehicles with less space, most car seat brands have models with compact shells. This means your little one still has plenty of protection without impacting too much on the rest of the car or ute.

Plan ahead!

Child car seats are the sort of thing where a little bit of planning now can have a big impact later on. For example, if you are planning to have more than one child, you might want to think about ensuring you invest in seats that will puzzle together to allow 2 or 3 to fit well across your vehicle.

While we can’t plan ahead for every situation (hello, parents of multiples!), considering what you might want in a few years can help you make the best choice now.

And, of course, if you’re looking for a little extra help narrowing down your selection, you can try our car seat selector tool located on this page, or take advantage of our Helping Hand service where a team member will speak with you one-on-one and answer any questions you might have.

Shop baby car seats online with Baby Bunting

Knowing your little one’s safety is at stake can make buying a car seat feel really overwhelming, especially if you’re shopping online. At Baby Bunting, we know you want to make the best choice possible, which is why we offer a wide range of car seat options. If you want some extra guidance, you can head down to your local store to browse our selection in person and chat with an experienced team member about what options might work for you. Alternatively, if you have already chosen the seat you want, you can shop online or take advantage of our free contactless click and collect option. No matter how you choose to shop with us, our friendly team members are always happy to help if you have any questions.

Browse our baby car seats online today!

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