Choosing your baby car seat comes with many decisions, but when it comes to value, safety and affordability, the experts at BabyLove are true to their mission every time – which is why we’re thrilled to offer the BabyLove range, exclusive to us, especially for you.

Whether you’re looking for a baby car seat or a booster seat, the BabyLove range boasts products with adjustable features which adapt to your little one’s needs, to help keep your little cruiser safe on the go for years to come.

BabyLove is here for parents and carers of all descriptions. With a focus on reliable, affordable car seats that don’t compromise on quality, BabyLove is here to help every mum, dad, grandparent, babysitter, and caregiver buckle up with confidence.

From the right baby car seat for that first ride home, all the way through to a safe booster seat for their school drop-offs, and convertible car seats for anything in between, BabyLove offers peace of mind with car seats that are thoughtfully designed with both you and your most precious cargo in mind.

BabyLove Car Seats Just Got Ezy-er

BabyLove has been offering quality, affordable booster seats and convertible car seats for years. They have now developed their Ezy range, a collection of simple to install and use car seats which make taking the family out and about that little bit easier.

The BabyLove range boasts products for every family. The BabyLove Ezy range includes highly padded and comfortable car seats with adjustable features. Make life a breeze on the go with car seats from BabyLove including:
- Booster seats for those with toddlers or older kids in tow – perfect for traveling and school pick-ups
- Convertible car seats with extended rearward facing, for those seeking a car seat to adapt to their needs as your child grows
- Harnessed safety for up to 8 years or even one that converts from harness to booster

All BabyLove car seats are proudly designed to help you be more flexible on the go and enjoy peace of mind when you buckle up your little cruiser.

At Baby Bunting, we are thrilled to exclusively stock the BabyLove Ezy range. Together with BabyLove, we are proud to provide affordable car seats designed for the modern caregiver, helping us support you through every stage of your journey and all the adventures on the road ahead.

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