You've got the cot, but what about the bedding and baby manchester? Choosing the right bedding or manchester for your baby is as much about comfort as it is about safety.

With sleep playing such a vital role in early health and development, it's important to get it right.
When browsing for baby or toddler manchester, consider some of the factors that should influence your final decision. Is the temperature of the room where your baby sleeps easily regulated? Will you have enough bedding on hand in case of a messy accident? Does the bedding minimise the risk of sudden illness?

While we offer a range of bedding options for babies and toddlers, you are always welcome to speak with one of our Baby Bunting team members in-store about which manchester, mattresses or swaddling blankets are safest and most likely to lead to a soundly sleeping baby. And remember: a soundly sleeping baby often means a soundly sleeping parent!

Keep your baby safe and cosy while they sleep

Your baby is, understandably, the most precious being in your world. So, it is important to that as well as taking care of your baby’s other needs you create a safe, warm and nurturing sleep environment for them. The manchester you choose for your baby’s nursery will play an influential role in the quality and safety of your baby’s daily sleep. From your choice of mattress protector to fitted sheets, blankets or sleeping bag, your baby’s bedding manchester contributes to protecting your precious baby as they sleep.

Baby Bunting stocks an excellent range of baby manchester and bedding to help make your choice so much easier. Because babies are more delicate and require special attention to their thermoregulation (temperature control), it is important to consider the following:

  • Products made from natural fibres help your baby to thermoregulate while they sleep reducing the risk of them becoming too hot or too cold.
  • Keep your baby safe from too many blankets or not enough and avoid the risk of them becoming entangled in loose sheets
  • Ensure your baby’s face and head are not covered to assist body heat regulation
  • Don’t overdress your baby for sleep- consider a sleeping bag (from 8 months onwards) and have a range of lighter weight blankets to suit changes in environmental temperature
  • Ensure that you choose the appropriate type of manchester according to your baby’s age, such as swaddling for newborn babies for the first 8 months, to encourage them to sleep on their backs as well as helping them to feel secure.

Better sleep means better development for your baby

Sleep is such an important factor in your baby’s growth and development. Baby Bunting is dedicated to stocking the best quality manchester to help you to give your baby an excellent foundation of good, quality sleep in their early years. We supply a wide range of choices to suit every baby and every budget and have done our best to provide you with manchester that will not only keep your baby warm and comfortable but will also help them to sleep well.

Our manchester line includes

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