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Each year 48,000 babies are admitted to Neonatal intensive and special care Nurseries across Australia

Life's Little Treasures Foundation is an Australian charity which is dedicated to providing, critical information, essential support, and connection opportunities to families of children born sick or prematurely. Founded in 2005 by a group of parents, all of whom with babies born sick or premature, Life's Little Treasures Foundation understands the challenges that these babies and families face. Its mission is to ensure that all families enduring the difficult and life-changing experience of having a premature or sick baby have access to crucial information and support to make their journey a little easier.


For the past 6 years, Baby Bunting has proudly supported Life’s Little Treasures Foundation in their incredible efforts to connect families all over Australia and raise money and awareness for premature and sick babies through the annual Walk For Prems event.


Across 60 stores Australia-wide, as well as online, we have launched a fundraiser that encourages customers to donate $2 when shopping with us to help support this incredible initiative-because even a small contribution can make a big difference in a family's life.
We are fundraising for 8 weeks from Monday 30 August until Sunday 24 October.
See our Townsville Team celebrating the Walk for Prems in-store launch last year!
As a cause very close to our hearts, this foundation is a vital source of information and support for families enduring the most difficult of circumstances. And we are determined to continue supporting the incredible work they undertake to help ensure the best possible health and wellbeing for these families.

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Catherine & Valarie

My name is Catherine Dyke and I am the store manager of the Burleigh Waters Team. Valarie was my firstborn.

She was born at 27 weeks and weighed only 545 grams, which is half the size she should have been for her gestation. She had a 10% survival rate and spent the first 25 hours of her life in intubation. During the first weeks of her life, she was supported with CPAP until she was strong enough to be in an open cot, where I'd sit by her bed all day.

At the time, being a mother of a premmie was my only experience of motherhood - yet I wouldn't change a thing. The experience, though heartbreaking at times, has made me a stronger person and a better mother for my daughter.

I'm always excited to be a part of Walk for Prems, and I encourage anyone and everyone to get behind this wonderful cause. With the advances now available in medical care, more and more premmies are surviving, thriving, and growing into beautiful bright children and adults.

Valarie is 12 years old and is in Grade 7 this year, and I know how lucky I am to be her Mother.


Coral & her Grandchildren

My name is Coral Bacely and I am a part of the Baby Bunting team at the Geelong store. My granddaughter Poppy Mary-Jane was born at 28 weeks weighing 840 grams, and my grandson at 32 weeks.

After Poppy was born, we began the 9 weeks process of getting this small human being looking like the healthy newborn we were expecting to take home. Some of these little Prems in the neo intensive ward were even smaller than Poppy - their anxious parents just sitting, watching, and praying for their little ones. Poppy was sent home on April 23rd, 3 weeks before her due date.

I am so proud to work for Baby Bunting. they play such an important role in helping these prem and sick babies, and the donations made each year for Walk for Prems could not go to a more worthy cause.

Poppy has continued to race through life and started school last year, she is destined for greatness.


Leeanne & Hayden

My name is Leeanne Goodwin and I am a part of the Baby Bunting team at the Ballarat store.

I have been a part of the long roller-coaster of ups and downs with a premmie baby myself. My son Hayden was born premature, arriving 15 weeks early weighing only 795grams. It was 32 days before I could hug him for the first time.

We spent 111 days in Hospital from the day he was born; Hayden spent the first 3 months of his life in the NICU and then moved into Special Care. Some days I thought we weren't going to get through it, but we did.

Working at Baby Bunting wasn’t something I had ever considered, but since I have been working in our store, I feel like I have finally found my home. I have had times where I have been able to share my story with other Mums going through similar situations with their own babies. I just want families to know that no matter what, you do come out the other side.

It is a tough journey and one that I wouldn’t want to ever repeat but it has made my son and I so strong and close, even as we grow older.

I am so proud to say that Hayden is now in his 20’s, and the most amazing young man I have ever met.