The introduction of solid foods to your baby's diet is a gradual process on the path to growing up. You will want to give them the best chance of learning good habits early and getting all the nutrients they need as their taste preferences change and develop

Start gradually

Be prepared to be patient. There will be a bit more preparation involved with feeding times to begin with and your baby needs to have the appetite and interest to eat.

Start simple

It is best to start with a simple food. Many parents feed their baby something that they are unlikely to be allergic to, such as rice cereal, apple sauce, bananas or potato.

Don't add the food to a bottle

Wean your baby off bottles and eating while reclined. Get them used to the idea of sitting up and using utensils, even if you are spoon feeding them liquid foods.

Choose your weapons

When choosing your utensils, pick a soft plastic or silicon spoon. You'll want to put a bib on your baby, have wipes handy and even possibly a change of clothes.