Annabel Karmel, Baby Books


Parents of picky eaters generally worry about the health of their little ones. If you’re one of those worried parents, we’ve got Annabel Karmel for you. It has become one of the most favourite brands of Australian mums, and offers a lot of help to them in the kitchen. Whether you’re worried about the right foods during pregnancy or for your baby, Annabel Karmel is the right brand for you. You’ll find a range of Annabel items right here at Baby Bunting.

Annabel started the company about 25 years ago, and has several ideas for making meal time more enjoyable. If you think meals are boring, you haven’t used Annabel Karmel items yet. Just check out our collection and take a pick of all the goodies that will help you and your child have a healthy lunch. With products from our selection, you’ll be able to come up with yummy delights in no time. Whether you’re a new mum/dad or a proud grandparent, these goods will make life easier for you.



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