Bumprider - Pram Skateboards


Looking for a toddler skateboard that can be attached to your stroller or pram? Take a look at Bumprider. It is a new toddler board that combines style and manoeuvrability. It fits almost all strollers and pushchairs on the market.

After connecting the board to your pram, you only have to set the arm length and adjust the height of the board. Removing the board is just as simple as adding it too. Handling it is smooth and easy. With Bumprider, your toddler can now enjoy the fun while travelling with his or her little sister or brother.

Baby Bunting has the finest selection of strollers, prams, and toddler boards online. The Bumprider is an excellent product. You will barely know that it’s there! We are the leading online supplier of nursery products in Australia. We stock products from all big name brands. Check out our collection – we have got something for you and your baby.



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