Charli Chair - Shower & Bath Chairs


Baby bath times are enjoyable but there’s a need to be careful. Many parents will find it hard to kneel or bend over a baby bath tub that isn’t high or close enough for their comfort. Worry no more – Charli Chair is the ultimate solution to your baby bathing woes.

Make bath times easier and happier for both you and your baby with Charli Chair. Charli Chair places your baby at a comfortable height in the shower. Bathing the little one becomes a whole lot easier and safer in this position. Charli Chair is an Australian brand that has been making a lot of waves recently. It is the perfect bathing solution for those who don’t have a bath or who find it difficult bending over the tub.

Here at Baby Bunting, we supply a range of Charli Chair products. We are a leading nursery retailer in Australia and supply products from a number of big name brands in the baby care industry.



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