Country Lambskin - Strollers, Bassinet Liners


If you’re looking for something comfortable for your little one, try lambskin. Lambskin is soft and keeps your newborn warm, dry and comfortable. Because of these properties, lambskin pram and stroller liners are becoming more popular.

Here at Baby Bunting, we have a variety of Country Lambskin products. They will keep babies warm in winter and cool in summer. Lambskin is thick. It resists wetness and doesn’t get dirty easily. It has a luxurious feel to it. And it’s very light. These wonderful properties of lambskin make it a great choice for your pram or stroller liner.

The surfaces that come into contact with your little one play an important role in ensuring their functional, physical, and behavioural development. Babies will absolutely love the comfort and warmth provided by Country Lambskin.

Shop for your Country Lambskin products online or at your nearest Baby Bunting store.



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