ErgoPouch - Sleeping Suits, Sleeping Bags


Check out our ErgoPouch collection and you will find a wide range of sleeping bags, sleeping suits, and pyjamas. These products are made of natural fibre to care for your baby’s soft and sensitive skin. ErgoPouch wraps and swaddles are wriggle proof and keep your baby comfortable, ensuring that they get the rest that they need. ErgoPouch baby pouches wrap your baby in a womb-like cocoon that makes him or her feel secure in their mother’s love. Sleeping suits in a range of pinks and blues make your tiny tots look pretty while you watch them sleep. From the time your baby is born until he or she grows to be the age of five, an ErgoPouch can keep them warm, cosy and comfortable.

We have the perfect sleeping solutions for your little prince or princess. To explore all our offerings, check out the products listed below.


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