Jolly Jumper - Wedges, Musical Mats, Pillows, Jumpers


Jolly Jumper offers a range of products including crib wedges, pregnancy pillows, jumper stands, and stroller caddies. Jolly Jumper is a company that has been here for over a hundred years. Their Jolly Jumper Bouncer Deluxe is a revolutionary product that is available in several varieties. It will not only entertain your baby but also provide them with aerobic exercise. It helps them develop basic motor skills and improves their pre-walking skills and muscle tone. And that’s not all, we also have pregnancy pillows in our Jolly Jumper collection. We understand that mums-to-be have to face a lot each day. Sleeping also becomes difficult because of the baby bump. To give you the extra support that you need, we have specially designed pregnancy pillows.



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