Pigeon - Feeding, Bottles, Cleaners


When cleanliness and hygiene are on your mind, turn to Pigeon. This brand is known for its baby feeders and baby utensil cleaning products. Their cleaners are made of natural materials. Make sure you wash your baby bottles with organic cleaners and not strong chemicals that can stick to the bottles and upset the baby’s stomach. Pigeon has a complete range of products for your baby care needs – there are milk containers, bottle brushes, liquid cleaners, brush sponges, nursing pads, anti-bacterial wipes, and a lot more. If you are a working nursing mother, you would want to store breastmilk for your little one. At Baby Bunting, you can order Pigeon breastmilk storage bags that will keep the milk safe and fresh for long. These bags are sterilised and safe to use. Just place them in the freezer for the next feeding session of your baby.



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