Playgro - Toys, Bath Balls, Rubber Ducks


Playgro has small toys and games that can be played by small babies as well as little children. There are activity rings, bath balls, rubber duckies, seat grippers, and a lot more. Make your baby’s bath time more fun with rubber duckies. Duckies are traditional bath toys that have been used since ages. Playgro doesn’t offer just duckies, but also bath books, bobbing bath balls and bendy toys. When it’s teething time, you can buy your baby a Playgro chewy link. For indoor playing fun, there are colourful mats, stack cups, rattles, and stroller toys. We also have musical pull string toys and pram ties. All our Playgro products are available in colourful designs and patterns. When the little one starts to walk, there are Playgro harnesses to make sure they don’t wander away. Whether you’re looking for practical baby products or fun items, you’ll find the lot at Baby Bunting.



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