Prince Lionheart - Wipes Warmer


It’s very important to care about the hygiene of the baby. Baby wipes are special pieces of cloth that are alcohol-free and have vitamin E on them. When the baby gets messy, just wipe them with these gentle cloth pieces. However, the problem with wipes is that once you open the packet, they start to dry out. To keep them fresh and wet, try the Prince Lionheart wipe warmer. It will keep the wipes warm and moist, and your baby will stay comfortable with warm wipes.

You might find other wipe warmers that usually dry out the wipes and they become brown. Prince Lionheart knows the kind of heat that should be applied. Too much heat can render wipes unusable. Make sure you get the best wipe warmer. Need more products? Get all your baby need solutions here at Baby Bunting.



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