Rafferty’s Garden - Baby Food


When it’s time to give solids to the baby, make sure you give them something that is tasty, healthy, and easily digestible. Little babies have been fed with milk or formula for the initial months of their lives. If your baby has completed the milk-fed milestone and is now ready to take in some solid foods, you should try Rafferty's Garden. The baby food products by Rafferty’s Garden are organic and gentle on your little one’s stomach. Rafferty’s Garden products use organic fruits and vegetables.

At Baby Bunting, we have a range of Rafferty’s Garden products to stimulate the taste buds of your young ones. Give them the goodness of fresh fruits and vegetables with special baby safe pouches. As babies start eating, they are not limited to just one taste. Let them explore various tastes with these range of baby foods. Try pumpkin, apple, sweetcorn, spinach broccoli, pea, and other flavours. You’ll find all baby feeding solutions including baby spoons and dishes right here at Baby Bunting.



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