Star & Rose - Bath Mats


Make the bath time more special and extra safe with Star & Rose products. Bath time becomes difficult because the floor and bath is often slippery. But you can make it safe with the right bath mats. Star & Rose mats are available in several designs and they make sure that your baby splashes around in the water without risking slipping. And it helps you to bathe them too. These mats are available in several designs and patterns. Whether you want a clear bath mat or an opaque one, we have them all at Baby Bunting.

We have Star & Rose bath mats in various shapes. Want a rectangular mat or a frog styled one? Take a pick from our collection. We know that babies love cartoons and we make our mats accordingly. They will look beautiful to your older children and they would want to use it while in the bathroom. So the next time you think about buying a bathroom mat, make sure you buy a product that is safe, looks great, and doesn’t cost much, like Star & Rose mats from Baby Bunting.



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