Thomas & Friends - Bath Accessories, Bath Mats


Who doesn’t like Thomas the Tank Engine? You grew up watching his antics and adventures and now it’s time for your little one to enjoy. Introduce your baby to your own childhood with Thomas and Friends.

At Baby Bunting, we have a set of Thomas and Friends toilet training and bathing products. No matter what kind of product you’re looking for, it becomes more fun when Thomas is on it. And Thomas is no ordinary engine either. He is always up for an adventure, just like your little one.

At Baby Bunting, you can get all the railway fun with our special Thomas and Friends products. Looking for a stool? Or a shampoo rinser? Or are you looking for a bath mat? Whatever product you want, get it with Thomas on it. Little Thomas has an excited face that spreads happiness and adds joy to everyone’s life. You fell in love with him as a child, and now it’s your baby’s turn. Teach your young one about trains and engines, and how they work. And the rest will be taught by Thomas and his friends.


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