Weegoamigo - Blankets, Quilts, Hooded Towels


For kids, traveling with mum and dad is the best experience – there is so much to see and discover. And the trip becomes even more fun when the little one is wrapped in his favourite blankie. We have a large collection of blankets and fitted sheets from Weegoamigo. We have selected the best Weegoamigo products and included them in our catalogue. Quilts, hooded towels, blankets, and sheets – we’ve got them all in different colours and patterns. Check out our Weegoamigo collection at Baby Bunting. These aren’t just excellent beddings for your baby, but also great gifts for new mums and dads.

When you’re in a hurry and can’t decide which blanket to buy, you can always depend upon Weegoamigo. Their products are always soft, comfy and cuddly. Plus, they’re made of the most excellent materials that will stay soft for many years to come. Browse through our collections to see their offerings.



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