It might seem impossible now, but one day your baby will be all grown up! Photos can help you remember exactly what their tiny little noses looked like, or how much food used to end up on their face instead of in their mouth. Sharing photos of your baby with them when they’re older is also a lovely chance to reminisce and connect as a family.

1. Mum and baby at the hospital

Make sure mum is okay with this one! Your newborn lying on your chest in those first few hours of life will be a treasured memory forever.

2. Sleeping baby

Your little one will look more peaceful than ever when they’re snoozing!

3. Smile!

Once your baby starts smiling, it will melt your heart. Try getting a snap of a gummy smile before those teeth come through.

4. Their hand around your finger

This one is a classic. It can help you remember just how tiny they were.

5. Wearing your glasses

Who doesn’t love a baby in a big ol’ pair of sunnies? This one’s a cute memory and a funny shot to show your child when they’re older.

6. Being held by loved ones

This is a nice memory to share with those closest to you. Help Aunty, Grandad, Cousin or whoever is special to your family, remember the first time they met your little one.

7. Growing up

Choose a favourite toy and take a photo of your baby next to it periodically. This will show their growth! When you see your little one every day you don’t notice how fast they’re growing, so a photo every month or few months can keep it all in perspective.

8. First birthday

Whether they’re trying cake for the first time, having a chill day at home, or experiencing their first party, your baby’s birthday is a milestone. A picture of them as they turn one is a beautiful memory (and could come in handy at their 18th birthday).

9. Booties

Remember those tiny cute little feet forever in your favourite pair of booties.

10. Favourite clothes

Immortalise your favourite onesie or baby outfit in a picture.

You’ll thank yourself for any and all photos of your baby when they’ve grown up a bit. While it’s important to stay present when spending time with your family, a quick snap can bring a lot of love and laughter in days to come.