When it comes to getting and staying in shape, I strongly believe that it is the small changes lead to big results. When you’re a flat out mum with crazy schedule, introducing small bursts of exercise into your daily routine is one of the simplest and most convenient ways you can stay active. Here are 5 simple ways you can add exercise into your daily routine.

Skip the lift, take the stairs! (every time)

You can burn around 100 calories for 5 minutes of stair walking so next time you’re approaching the escalator or elevator, make the commitment to take the stairs! Every little bid adds up.

Walk more

I’m not asking you to keep the car in the garage gathering dust. But, I do want you to think about all the times you take the car when you really could go on foot. Do you drive to the local shops when you forget an ingredient for dinner? Could you walk or even cycle to work? Could you walk the dogs instead of driving them to the park? Not only will this add some incidental exercise into your day, you’ll save money on petrol.

Catch up on foot

Too often catching up with friends or going to meetings revolves around food and drink. Walking and talking is such a great way to catch up with friends, get your steps up and get some fresh air.

Release your inner child

Despite being a trainer for over 18 years, I still get tired chasing after little Willow! Getting outdoors and joining in on the fun is such an awesome way to be more active and enjoy quality time with your kids. I love jumping on the trampoline and running around the park with Eve & Willow, so pick something you all enjoy and have fun with it.

Try an ad-break workout

This is such an easy way to get a quick burn in. Do a plank during the ad break, push-ups in the next one, squats in the next… and so on.