#1 Smash Wall

Cover your little one’s doorway with criss-crossed streamers, so they can run through and break it! If your toddler is a deep sleeper, you could do this with yourself inside their room too, so you can wake them up gently and explain the smash wall.

#2 Decorate the house

Streamers, flowers, toys, balloons… You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make the house look a bit festive. Try drawing your child’s name in big letters on pieces of paper and sticking them up in the family room.

You can use whiteboard markers or lipstick to draw on mirrors. Try drawing a silly face and watch your toddler try to match up to their head in the space. ‘Happy birthday!’ and some love hearts are a nice thing to draw, too.

#3 Birthday breakfast

Make a fun breakfast, like pancakes or French toast with sprinkles. Try something special you don’t eat often. If your little one loves it, it can be the birthday breakfast every year.

#4 Birthday questions

This one is a sweet tradition to start early, and probably something your child will appreciate as they get older. Write a list of questions like ‘What’s your favorite show?’, ‘Who’s your best friend?’ etc. Ask these questions each year on their birthday and keep a record of how they change and grow up!

#5 Present hunt

Hide the presents around the house. If your toddler can follow instructions, you could draw a treasure map with clues. Or play ‘hotter or colder as they walk around the house searching.

#6 Measure

Make a pencil mark on a doorframe each year on their birthday. You’ll both love seeing how much they grow each year.

#7 Pick a birthday song or book or movie

Choose a special form of entertainment that you all enjoy each year on your little one’s birthday. It could be a song you only play on that day or a book you only read on birthdays. Let your little one choose and watch their choices change as they grow up.

#8 Birthday photo

Try recreating the same photo each year to track how you all change over time.

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