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Baby Linen: How Much Do I Really Need?

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It can be hard to know how much linen you need as an expecting first-time parent. Are two sets of cot sheets enough? How many towels can one baby really go through? Do you want five face washers, or 15, or 50? We’re here to help take the guesswork out of your baby linen essentials.

Our top six recommendations can help keep you organised for the nursery and bathroom and prepared for keeping your little one clean and comfy. The best part? The following products are available in our April catalogue, so you can stock up now and save!

1. Fitted sheets

A fitted sheet for the bassinet or cot is an essential from day one! Ensuring the sheet has a snug and secure fit is crucial for safe sleeping practices, so check the measurements of your baby’s sleep space before choosing your fave patterns.

How many?

You might want 3-5 fitted sheets in rotation. Some nights, you’ll go through several sheet changes due to nappy leaks or spit ups. You’ll be grateful to have a collection of clean sheets in the cupboard ready to go at 3am or while you wait for that most recent load of washed sheets to dry.

Our pick: Bilbi Bamboo Cot Fitted Sheet

Bring a burst of nature to the nursery with this sweet foliage manchester design. Made from bamboo and cotton, the Bilbi Bamboo Cot Fitted Sheet is naturally breathable, moisture-wicking and soft underneath your little snoozer, while elasticised sides make for a safer, snug fit. Also available as a Bassinet Fitted Sheet!

2. Blankets

Blankets are a super versatile essential. Pram blankets help keep your little one snug and protected from the elements. You might like to leave a blanket on your feeding chair for your own comfort during early morning settles. A blanket can be a security item through your little one’s early years and help keep them cosy in the car, on the couch or in the cot (remember to remove excess blankets from the cot while your little one snoozes).

How many?

A few! It’s good to have different types for cooler or hotter days. You might also like to keep one for the nursery, one for the pram, one for the loungeroom – keeping a few scattered around saves having to remember to pack something bulky.

Our pick: Bilbi Jessy Chenille Pram Blanket

The cable knitted detail in this blanket is charming and comforting, ideal for cosying up! The super cute pom-poms on the corner are nice and soft and add an extra tactile element for your baby’s exploration.

3. Nursery sets

A nursery set can tie together the style of your nursery. A set will often include items like a fitted sheet, pillowcase and quilt, and sometimes a changing pad, toy, pillow or other accessories.

How many?

We reckon two is the magic number here. That gives you backups to switch out with on laundry day, which takes the pressure off having to wash and dry as quickly, as well as having options for décor if you decide to mix up your nursery vibe!

Our pick: Peanut Shell Boho Cot Set 5 Piece

The Peanut Shell Boho Cot Set 5 piece features a quilt, pillowcase, fitted sheet, changing pad and throw pillow, all with adorable prints and cosy fabrics that surround your little one in luxurious cotton softness. Your nursery is the setting of many precious family moments, and this set adds a dreamy aesthetic to the space with geometric shapes and cute elephant friends.

4. Mattress protectors

An important hygiene element of safe sleeping, mattress protectors act as a barrier between messes and the mattress – it’s much easier to wash a protector than the mattress itself!

How many?

Given you should change and wash your mattress protector regularly, you want about the same amount as you have sheets. At a minimum, aim for two to make changing the sheets quicker – you don’t always have time to wash and dry cot essentials before your little one is due for their next nap. Mattress protectors take longer to dry than a sheet, and you don’t want to be left without one (the chances your little one makes the most mess on the nights you don’t have a protector ready are high!).

Our pick: 4Baby Quilted Mattress Protector

A fully fitted cotton mattress protector. Absorbent and stain resistant, the 4Baby Quilted Mattress Protector provides a barrier against fluids and moisture. Plus, it’s breathable for better ventilation to help prevent overheating.

5. Face washers/flannels

Multi-purpose! Great for bath time, cleaning hands and faces. A soft washer can be more gentle on your little one’s skin than always using wet wipes.

How many?

This one might depend on how messy your little one is – some babies are extra spewy, others are extra drooly, and some are minimalist in the bodily fluid department. If you have a relatively clean baby, you could get away with 10 or fewer. For messier babies, the more the merrier! Start with 15-20 and then see how you go with your laundry cycles.

Our pick: Bilbi Jersey Washcloth

Made from cotton jersey terry towelling, these washers are nice and soft. Easy to clean with a cold machine wash.

6. Towels

Towels are a must-have for after the bath or after a swim. A hooded towel is excellent for immediate warmth and stays on as your little one chills out or runs around while they dry.

How many?

If you’re planning to use specific towels for your baby, you need to factor in whether you’ll have separate bath towels and swimming towels. For bath towels, you may want 2-3 so you can rotate and wash frequently. Swimming towels will depend on how often you hit the pool or beach.

Our pick: 4Baby Hooded Towel

Made from cotton, this towel is soft against your little one’s delicate skin and nice and absorbent. Easily machine washable too!

Of course, the best thing about babies is they don’t really know or mind whether you’re using a washer, a terry-towelling nappy cloth, or a tea towel – they just want to be warm, fed, clean, and loved. Every family is unique both in what pieces they need and how many of each works best.

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