A baby shower is great opportunity to celebrate the impending or recent arrival of a new addition to your family. Baby showers are unique for being a longstanding tradition that's entirely customisable and variable depending on what you want them to be.

Who organises a baby shower?

Usually someone close to you will be entrusted to holding a baby shower. This can avoid the impression that you want gifts for the baby (which might be something you don’t want anyway). By having a close friend or family member throw the shower you can talk directly to them about what you want or want to avoid at the shower.

When to throw one?

A baby shower can be held at any time – from conception through to post-birth. However, by holding a post-birth shower, you can give people the chance to meet the baby.

A post-birth baby shower has two distinct advantages: you can invite people over all at once and avoid multiple (well-meaning) visits in the first few weeks at home and, if you decide to have a gift register, you can be specific about items that you need.

Where to throw one?

Baby showers can be held anywhere and can vary in size with your preference. Some people choose to hold them at a venue – which can come with catering and beverage options – while others hold them at a friend’s or family member’s home. If you hold a post-birth shower at home, you don’t have to pack any of your baby’s items as they are all at hand, plus any gifts don’t need to be transported.

Who to invite?

Anyone you want! Most baby showers are opportunities to bring family and friends together, which can be wonderful for gathering the network of people who have provided support to you over the pregnancy journey and may still do so in the days to come.

What to do for your baby shower

Some parents go all out with their baby shower e.g. printed invitations, themed parties and games, while others opt for a small family gathering much like a birthday or barbecue. However you decide to throw one is entirely up to you, but make sure whatever it is suits your circumstances and provides a comfortable environment for you and your baby.