While bath time can be a fun time, it is also a new world for toddlers. As your toddler starts to gain more freedom and control of their actions, your vigilance as an adult needs to increase. There are many things in the bathroom and the bath itself that are dangerous to anyone, let alone a young child. By taking a few daily precautions however, you should be able to reduce the dangers to your toddler

Bath tub safety

The most important safety measure for toddlers in the bath is your supervision. While they might not need a hand on them at all times – especially as they get older – you do need to be constantly present and always watching your toddler; they can still drown in just a couple of inches of water.

For a supervised bath, the water level should be around your toddler's waist or belly button height when they are seated. And, although your toddler will want to stand at various times, you need to teach them that they should remain seated when they're in the tub unless they're getting in or out.

Try and have anything your toddler might want to play with in arms reach or in the tub itself. This will help avoid distractions, standing up and reaching out.

Bath safety items

To better protect your little one in the bath itself, some safety measures you can introduce are:
  • A non-slip rubber or silicone mat
  • Bath thermometer
  • Cushioned tap covers to stop bumps
  • An anti-scald device for the tap
  • Tap protectors to stop your toddler turning the taps on.
  • Bath Seat