From running the bath to letting your little one splash around while you clean them up, water safety is a top priority. Keep the following in mind at bath time:

Running the bath

  • Make sure water temperature is not above 37-38°. This is around core body temperature for adults, which is why people tend to check with their elbows or wrists. If the water feels hot to you, it feels hotter to your little one. A thermometer is a good investment for bath time.
  • Always run cold water first, in case your toddler reaches out for the stream. Mix hot water with the cold to make it warm. Always finish on just cold, so the tap isn’t a burn hazard.
  • Water height need not be above belly button height. You just need enough water for washing and playing.
  • Prepare ahead of time. Make sure everything you might need is within arm’s reach: towels, toys, cleansers, nappies, change of clothes. If you do need to turn your head away for a moment, keep a hand on your toddler.

In the bath

  • Always supervise your little one in the tub. Just a few seconds is enough for an accident to happen. 
  • Bath toys will get wet, and if they stay wet could be at risk of growing mould (particularly toys with holes). Dry off toys after each use. Keep an eye out for mould and replace toys as needed. 
  • Your toddler’s skin is quite sensitive. Use soap-free sensitive skin cleansers and pat them dry gently but thoroughly.
  • A bath seat can help support your little one’s back. Bath seats make it easier for toddlers to stay upright, but it is not a substitute for supervision.

Some toddlers are frightened of the bath. Take these fears seriously and ease your little one into being comfortable around water. Try getting them excited by letting them choose special bath toys. Bathing with your little one may put them at ease.

Keep the bathroom door shut and possibly latched between uses. An unattended toddler could turn the taps on, which is a safety hazard. Enjoy bath time! Make eye contact with your little ones and make them feel warm and safe – it’s a great bonding opportunity.

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