Baby nail clippers

These clippers are designed with magnifying glasses and lights to make it easier to maintain baby’s tiny little nails without hurting them. Having trimmed nails is important to prevent your baby scratching their face.

Cotton wool or soft cotton cloths

You’ll need these on hand not only for bathing but for daily cleaning of all the nooks and crannies on your baby, such as skin folds and behind and under their joints.


There are many varieties available with various methods for taking your baby's temperature. Consider getting more than one so that you can monitor the room or bath temperature.

Baby oil/lotion

These help keep your baby's skin supple and prevent it from drying out in cold weather or after bathing.

Nappy rash cream

Try to only use this if a case of nappy rash does arise as opposed to after every change.

Baby shampoo/bodywash

Although the idea, of course, is to avoid getting any in your baby's eyes, avoid the chance entirely with soap-free baby shampoo/bodywash.

General purpose wipes

These are handy no matter what the occasion, and are always good to have close by at home or out and about.

Baby powder

Baby powder is used to soak up excess moisture in your baby’s skinfolds and to prevent nappy rash. It is ideal in deep winter with heavy clothing or in the middle of summer when baby will be sweating. Avoid powders with talcum as these are known to cause several health problems.


Depending on your situation, your doctor might have prescribed certain medications for your baby. For newborns especially, consult with your doctor about what over the counter remedies might be suitable for various everyday ailments.