When you have a new baby, it's likely one of the last things you want is illness in your home. Keeping your newborn's environment hygienic and clean is just one part of avoiding sickness in those early days. Here are some tips for cleaning in a safe and effective way.

What products should I use?

Remember that disinfecting is separate to cleaning. Find a disinfectant you don't mind the smell of and keep it in good supply for the nursery. Regularly wipe down the change table, cot, or anything else with which your baby may interact.

If your baby will come into contact with the disinfected surface, such as wiping down before a nappy change, make sure to then wash the area with clean water and dry with a clean cloth. Touching disinfectant could irritate your little one's skin.

Having hand sanitiser in the nursery can be helpful to make sure you're touching your baby's items with clean hands (if you can't wash them first). You can also use sanitiser or disinfectant wipes to clean light switches and doorknobs.

Besides disinfecting and sanitising, keeping the nursery clean means removing dust or dirt that has snuck in through the window or on shoes. Vacuum regularly, and aim to keep the space tidy, so it's easy to move around in for late-night feeds or playtime. Curtains and windowsills need regular dusting or even vacuuming, too.

Disinfect new furniture

When setting up the baby's nursery, remember that furniture needs a clean before your little one uses it. Even if you're taking a brand new crib out of the box, wipe it down with disinfectant, wash and dry it off before your little one's first nap.

Keep toys clean

Bacteria can build up on soft toys, plastic toys and books. Give toys a clean regularly – some soft toys are washing machine safe, and some plastic toys are dishwasher safe. Check the product instructions first, to avoid shrinking or melting baby's favourite plaything!

Visitors and your baby

Get in the habit of asking all visitors to wash their hands before picking up your little one for a cuddle! It's okay to ask anybody who may be feeling unwell to stay away; they'll understand your baby's health is the priority, and they can visit for a good play when they're feeling better!

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