No matter how you celebrate, the approaching Easter holiday for many families means a few extra days off to spend some quality time together. Here are our top 10 activities for some family fun to keep the little ones giggling this Easter.

1. Easter egg hunt

A classic Easter tradition! Usually done with chocolate Easter eggs, but of course, you can switch out the sweets for a toy or healthy treat alternative of your choice if you like. Hide the eggs around your home and supervise as your little one explores their surroundings to find their little treasures! Be mindful of hazards such as hiding anything up too high or close to indoor plant soil.

2. Paint eggs

Use either hard-boiled eggs (to avoid drops and messes) or store-bought fake Easter eggs for painting. With non-toxic paint and craft supplies, help your little ones build their fine motor skills by decorating eggs together. You can keep them on display over the holiday period for some added colourful joy about the home.

3. Give a gift basket

Remind your little one that holidays are a lovely time to connect with others, share and give! Create a gift basket for a family member, friend or neighbour. You could include a drawing or note from your little one to say happy holidays. Let your little one try tying ribbons around the basket or organising the contents for some critical thinking practise!

4. Plant a flower

A good one for older toddlers (as it is not safe for infants to be around soil). Wearing gloves, long pants and shirtsleeves, get your little one into the garden with you to give back to the Earth this Easter. Alternatively, plant a flower in a pot plant instead. This is an excellent chance to help your toddler connect with nature – you can try together to keep the flower alive until next Easter and see how it grows!

5. Egg and spoon race

A quick game for older toddlers. In an outdoors setting, provide each little one with a spoon and a chocolate egg. Draw out a start and finish line and balance an egg on each spoon. When you say “go!” they race to the finish line, trying not to drop the egg from their spoon. Bonus: everybody is a winner when they all enjoy their eggs after the game.

6. Make chocolate fondue

Lean into the chocolate theme of this holiday and bring the family together over some chocolate fondue. You can buy a kit or look up a recipe for melted chocolate and dipping foods. This is a good chance to talk your little one through some kitchen safety ¬– remember to keep them away from the hot stove and sharp knives. Dip your family’s favourite snacks into the melted chocolate; strawberries, bananas and sweet biscuits are good additions.

7. Read Easter time books

Borrow or buy an Easter time book to read with your little one. A themed book can add to the excitement of this holiday period and bring you together as you share a story. Check your local library or bookstore for colourful stories with Easter themes for kids.

8. Egg paint + roll

Using decorative Easter eggs and edible or non-toxic paint, have your little one paint an egg however they like ¬– solid colours work well for this activity. Lay down some newspaper and while the paint is still wet, have them roll the eggs across a sheet of paper to create a work of art! You can save this painting and reminisce over it next Easter or hang it around the house.

9. Easter egg match-up game

Using the same eggs as the above activity, if you have them already, draw some shapes on the eggs. Choose simple shapes that are easy to recognise, like a square, circle, star, etc. Draw two of each shape and have your little one match them up. You could reward each correct match with a real choccy egg or other treats!

10. Easter sensory tub

Get your little ones using their hands and minds with a sensory tub. You will need:

  • A storage tub
  • Egg carton cut in half
  • Rice (optional: use food dye to make it colourful)
  • Plastic eggs that come in two halves

Fill the tub with rice and put half an egg carton on either side. Your toddler can use the plastic egg halves to scoop the rice, try to snap the halves together, and even make egg shakers for some auditory stimulation! The bright colours and tactile feeling of these tubs are a good way to stimulate their senses and keep them excited about Easter.

Wishing everyone a safe and Happy Easter from Baby Bunting!