Before the big day comes, give yourself some peace of mind and consider running through a newborn baby checklist. By preparing everything your baby needs for the hospital in advance, you’ll ensure your overnight stays and your little one’s first few days are as comfortable and carefree as they can possibly be.

Nappy Bag

Keep all your nappies folded and in one place for convenience and to save space.


You’ll go through more changes than you might expect, which is why a nappy bag and nappies make the top of our newborn checklist. Make sure you pack plenty to cover any eventuality.

Gentle Wipes

Wipes are a handy all-purpose product to have at the ready whether for mum or baby. Make sure you pack these with your nappy bag or hospital bag in an easy to reach pocket or place.

Baby Wash

If things get a little messy after birth, a little bit of baby wash can help with a quick sponge down and a return to feeling fresh and clean.

Cotton Wool Balls

Cotton wool balls are gentle on your baby’s skin and perfect for use with water or baby wash. They can help get into your baby’s skinfolds and ensure no spots are missed – an important item to add to your newborn checklist.