Before the big day comes, give yourself some peace of mind and consider running through a hospital bag checklist. By preparing everything you’re going to need for the hospital in advance, you’ll ensure your labour, overnight stays and your little one’s first few days are as comfortable and carefree as they can possibly be.

Hospital Bag

Of course the first thing on a hospital bag checklist is the hospital bag! During your stay, don’t lose a single thing; bring together everything you need in one easily-carried overnight bag.


Give yourself the best possible chance of comfort and grabbing a few hours sleep with your own nightwear from home.

Dressing Gown

Hospital wards can get cold! A dressing gown will help you on those midnight food runs, feeding sessions or trips to the bathroom.

Slippers / Thongs

Vital for that unforgiving hospital linoleum, slippers will help keep your feet warm, while thongs will protect them when you use the shower.

Maternity Pads

Maternity pads are an absolute necessity for our hospital bag checklist; they offer an extra level of absorbency and hygiene following labour.