Phone & Charger

These are important to have on hand for the long hours of support and waiting. And if mum forgets hers, she’ll thank you that you didn’t!

List of People To SMS / eMail

Whether of close friends, family or overseas relatives, a list of contacts at close at hand is good forward planning in case of emergency or simply to spread the good news.

Camera & Battery Charger

Used with mum’s permission, a camera is a great way to capture high quality images of those first special moments with the newborn baby.

Video Camera

Video cameras add a nice touch to marking the occasion and provide a good record of the moment – and visitors’ reactions – for enjoyment and reflection in the many good years to come.

Swimwear And Towel For Bath And Shower

Support for mum in the hospital often leads to overnight stays, so when going through your hospital bag checklist it makes sense to pack your gear with the plan of needing to bathe or shower in the ward.