Babies cry for a number of reasons. Young babies cry a lot because it can be their only way of getting attention. You will best be able to calm a baby if you can understand why it is they are crying. Hungry babies, for example, will obviously want to be fed, and tired babies will want to be put to sleep
Sometimes, even though you've seen to your baby's immediate needs, you might still find them crying. Although this is natural, it can be quite distressing for both of you. Try some of the strategies below for soothing a seemingly inconsolable infant.


Whatever methods you try, it's up to you and your baby to discover what works best. And what works should be used frequently; regularity and repetition offer a nice sense of comfort and security to a young baby. Being predictable will eventually decrease your baby's overall time spent crying.

Reduce stimulation

Are you outside? In a busy area with lots of people or noise? Sometimes all you need is a change of scenery. If you're at home, take your baby to a darker, quieter part of the house where there are fewer distractions and fewer things to focus on. If you're out and about, get away from the action if you can, even if it means popping into a parked car for a moment.

Introduce stimulation

Alternatively, your baby might need to be distracted. Take your baby outside, place them on a play mat with a mobile, play some songs or music for them or introduce them to someone new.

Provide background noise

You know that 'hushhhh' sound you make? That's a lot like being back in the womb for your baby, where their ears are full of liquid and they can hear the rush of your blood. Turn on a fan, turn on a vacuum or play a recording of nature sounds – all of these simulate the constant background noise they've become acclimatised to.


Swaddling your baby can also simulate the snugness of the womb and calm your baby right down. It gives them that sense of warmth and security that they've just spent the last 9 months getting used to.

Use a sling/baby carrier

Even around the house, this is a good way to give your baby warmth and security without necessarily putting them down to bed. You will be able to continue whatever you're doing and even your body's motion might be just the thing to calm them.