When will my baby grow hair?

Some babies are born with quite a bit of hair! This could be linked to lasting pregnancy hormones (which probably made mum’s hair shiny and strong too). Once pregnancy hormones fade, it’s not unusual for the baby or mum to lose a bit of hair. Don’t worry; it will grow back.

In newborns, large amounts of hair follicles are programmed to shed at the same time. This is called ‘Telogen’, and it is not causing to be concerned. The hair that grows back may be different; it could change color, texture, or thickness.

Permanent hair could grow anywhere between 3 to 18 months of age. So, once it’s around, how do you care for it?

Caring for your baby’s hair

Infants don’t need to bathe as often as adults. Their skin is sensitive and prone to drying out, and this goes for their scalp too. One to two baths a week should be enough to keep your little one clean. Check their scalp and hair for any flakiness or smelliness and wash one to two times a week or as necessary. Always keep a hand and eye on your baby around water.

Opt for sensitive baby shampoo, and gently massage into the scalp. Be mindful that too much pressure can stress the follicles and lead to hair breakage, or irritate a sensitive scalp. Be sure to keep the product out of their eyes as best you can. Should this occur, rinse out their eyes with water or saline drops and watch for any irritation. If irritation occurs, consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Use a wide-tooth comb and slowly run through your baby’s wet hair after a shampoo. Gently get out any tangles or knots now, and try to get their hair dry quickly so as to avoid leaving their scalp wet.

If your little one seems at all distressed by having their head or hair touched, try singing them a soothing song. Make eye contact if you’re able to be in front of them, as this may help calm them down.

A gentle head massage is a great way for you and your baby to bond, so enjoy these months when their hair is soft and short before it’s time for their first haircut!