There are many reasons to insect and spider proof your house. You may want to protect your child from bites, allergies and the spread of disease, or you might simply have an aversion to all things creepy and crawly! Whatever the reason, you can take several steps short of using bug sprays that can keep these creepy-crawlies at bay.

Block cracks and gaps in your home

The cracks and gaps in your house can provide easy access to insects and spiders. Block these access points using caulking or silicone and invest in mesh netting for your ventilation points. Hardware stores sell easy-to-install seals and sweeps for the bottoms of your doors that not only reduce drafts during winter but also prevent creepy-crawlies coming in under these gaps.

Reduce clutter – inside and outside

A house full of objects provides shelter to insects and spider who are only too happy to set up shop behind, under or inside these. Declutter your home by storing objects in cupboards, wardrobes, chests and cabinets.

You should also consider the exterior of your home. Spiders love outdoor furniture, pot plants and woodpiles. Compost heaps are also a major attractor to insects of all types. Ensure these are far enough away from the doors and windows to your house to prevent creepy-crawlies wandering over.

Invest in fly screens

Fly screen doors and screens on your windows are one of the best measures you can take to prevent insect and spider access. They can also reduce your energy bill by allowing you to keep your windows and doors open during summer nights.

Turn off your lights

Lights attract insects, and insects attract spiders. At night time, avoid keeping outdoor lights on unless necessary and pull the blinds down when you’re inside.

Reduce food sources

Keeping a clean and tidy house – through regular vacuuming, waste disposal, sealed foods and clean surfaces – reduces the food that cockroaches and other insects thrive upon.

Use natural spider and insect repellents

Citronella candles and odours from oils like like cinnamon, eucalyptus, peppermint and cinnamon are great spider and insect repellents. These compounds are non-toxic, cheap and cruelty free. Just make sure that any candles you burn are kept out of reach of toddlers and children.

Maintain your garden

Trees, plants and grasses that grow near your doors and windows provide an ideal environment and pathway for insects and spiders. Keep these trimmed back from the entrances to your house.

Enlist the help of pets

Dogs and cats love to chase spiders and insects, and their constant motion throughout the house acts as a deterrent to any spiders and insects looking to settle down. Just make sure to keep your animals treated for fleas and regularly clean cat litter trays and pet bowls.