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Keeping Your Baby Safe When You Need Your Hands Free

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As a new parent, you often need your hands free for important things like showering, eating, and going to the toilet. But as a new baby, your fresh human just wants to be held. So, what do you do when you need to look after you? Here are 8 options to keep your tiny person content and safe while you get down to business.  

Here are our top picks for keeping your hands free with peace of mind during that first year of parenting.  

Newborn to 6 Months 

Baby Carriers 

A baby carrier is a terrific option for when you need to prepare food, tidy or clean, play with an older child, or soothe your little one while you can still easily open doors, answer a phone call or scratch that itch on your arm.  

The Lillebaby Complete Airflow Carrier frees you up for all this and boasts a thoughtful design that helps keep you comfortable with lumbar support, breathable fabrics and 6 carrying positions. Plus, the ergonomic hip-healthy design supports your baby’s healthy muscle development.  

Shop the Lillebaby Complete Airflow Carrier – exclusive to us, especially for you. 

Baby Rockers 

The right rocker helps keep your little one safe, calm or engaged in play and allows you to complete those full-body tasks from nearby. Once your little one is strapped in, you can set them up within your line of sight and complete at-home workouts, change your outfit, take a bath or do anything that requires a bit more freedom to move.  

The Ingenuity DreamComfort InLighten Cradling Swing (Braden) helps settle your little one with entertainment as chosen by you from your smartphone, or the 8 pre-loaded melodies and 3 nature sounds. With 6 swing speeds, you can set this rocker to your little one's preferred pace and help keep them sitting comfortably amongst breathable fabrics.  

Check out the Ingenuity DreamComfort InLighten Cradling Swing (Braden) here


A playmat provides opportunities for free play and exploration to support your baby's growing mind and body. You can set your little one up on a playmat in any area free of hazards (including away from electrical sockets or cords, curtains or blind cords, anything that could easily topple), making for a great play solution you can move around with you. Play with your baby or take some time out with a cup of tea as you supervise and watch them discover new movements, motor skills and sights.  

The Dwinguler Bubba mat features reverse sides for even more visual stimulation options and designs to fit in with more decor. Ideal for supervised tummy time and floor play, this mat is super helpful during the early years (and can also function as a yoga mat for you!). 

View the Dwinguler Bubbamat Standard

Tummy Time  

Tummy time is essential for development through your baby's first year. All you need is a safe space on the floor and ideally something interesting to capture their attention; any bright-coloured items, picture books or favourite toys. Ensure any nearby items are baby-safe – you never know when they'll roll over or reach out for the first time! 

Always supervise tummy time and never leave your baby on their stomach to sleep.  

6 to 12 Months 


When you can supervise your little one and make sure there are no nearby stairs or hazardous obstacles, a walker can keep them occupied and supported while you have some hands-free time.    

Watch your little one zoom about with the 4baby Racer Walker, complete with an interactive dashboard and sound effects for their entertainment and delight. With 3 height position options, you can adjust this walker to keep your tot's toes in the right position reaching the ground. 

Watch your little one take the wheel when they're in the 4baby Race Car Walker

Activity Gyms 

A discovery centre or play gym can offer learning, laughter and play with diverse interactive toys and engaging designs for healthy and fun development.  

The Baby Einstein Neptune's Ocean Discovery Jumper provides a whole ocean of stimulating activities with a colourful under-the-sea theme. Featuring a rotating seat, flashcards with real-life imagery, and an electric turtle toy station that entertains baby with lights, sounds, music and more, this activity jumper lets your little one discover numbers and colours in three different languages! 

Jump into an ocean of fun and healthy development with the Baby Einstein Neptune's Ocean Discovery Jumper


A highchair helps bring your little one into family time by always offering them a place at the table. Keeping your little one sitting safely in the high chair while you prepare dinner can help keep them in sight, and then they're ready to eat! You can even offer them safe and simple kitchen items for added fun, like a spatula or wooden spoon. 

The Maxi-Cosi Minla Highchair boasts 5 recline positions and the seamless tray insert means your child can enjoy a seat at the table from day one to 6 years!  

Check out the Maxi-Cosi Minla Highchair today – exclusive to us, especially for you. 


Once your tot is moving a bit more independently, a playpen can help give them the freedom to play while keeping them in sight. Adding child-safe toys that stimulate the senses can help keep them interested in the space without feeling overly confined. 

The 4baby Metal Playpen and Room Divider offers a lightweight and sturdy playspace. Secure it to a wall or even in a doorway – The two-way gate creates a walk-through option for parents to easily pass in and out. 

Add the 4baby Metal Playpen and Room Divider to any room for secure and easily supervised play that allows you to keep your hands free for longer – shop it here.  

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