Newborn skin is extremely sensitive to its environment. Babies often develop blotches and marks on their skin for no discernible reasons, which, because of their appearance, can lead to concern in parents. While some of these skin conditions are signs of health complications, many are common and will soon fade.

Dry skin

After being cleaned of amniotic fluid and vernix, your newborn’s skin will be exposed to air for the first time. This can result in patchy or peeling skin in the days directly after birth, which can be exacerbated by low humidity or very hot or very cold weather. Dry skin is usually just flaky rather than red and painful.

Avoid excessive bathing because this can remove your baby’s natural skin oils. If you live in dry or extreme weather conditions you might consider using baby moisturisers to help bolster their skin’s protection.

Nappy rash

Nappy rash is a common condition in newborns and is a simple irritation and inflammation of your baby’s skin. Nappy rash usually arises from infrequent nappy changes, heat and moisture.

You can protect against nappy rash by increasing nappy-free time and changing your baby’s nappy frequently. Ensure your baby is dried thoroughly after changing and consider using barrier creams such as zinc or paraffin if the rash is persistent.