But to make sure your baby gets the best possible start to life with their skin, there are a few tips and hints you might want to consider for your newborn

Protection from the sun

Babies under 6 months old shouldn’t wear sunscreen. The best thing to do is be sun smart in every other way possible; ensure that you go outdoors only during low UV times; stay in the shade when you do; and cover your baby’s skin with long sleeved clothing and hats.


Newborns aren’t active enough to get dirty like older kids. Especially while their skin is so sensitive, and provided you are thorough during nappy changes, newborns really only need a bath 2-3 times a week.

When you do bathe your baby, you can use a bathing tub or a gentle warm washcloth for a sponge bath and use soap-free bath wash to avoid skin irritation. Make sure you go from the top down and hit every area, particularly between skin folds, before ending in their nappy region. After the bath, protect your baby’s skin and keep it supple with baby-specific oils, creams and lotions like Johnson & Johnson.