When it comes to choosing the right pram or stroller for your family, you will likely be considering your baby’s safety and comfort, as well as how the pram manoeuvrers through terrains like grass and pavement.

Can prams be hazards?

Some of the significant hazards that babies and children can be exposed to from pram use include:

  • Falls and impact injuries arising from faulty or incorrectly applied harnesses or prams that tip over.
  • Cuts and pinched skin from moving parts (these can occur to both the baby and adult).
  • The impact of colliding with objects or vehicles, or falls from heights, if control of the pram is lost.

Requirements for Australian prams

Prams sold in Australia must adhere to the applicable safety standards. Labels will clearly denote this compliance on the pram, the safety instructions, and on any packaging.

As a minimum, prams must have:

  • Restraint harnesses for the baby.
  • Instructions must be available that not only specify safety warnings but also detail proper care of the pram and how to use it correctly.
  • Prams must pass performance testing through specialist laboratories for impact, strength, load, durability, and stability.
  • Tethers to loop around an adult’s wrist.
  • Working brakes/parking device (colored red) to stop the pram rolling. This must be out of the child’s reach.

Requirements for Australian Strollers

Typically, a pram can be laid flat or double as a bassinet and is designed with newborns in mind, whereas a stroller is for infants or toddlers who can sit upright. However, more and more strollers are being designed with full layback capability. Strollers must have shoulder straps, waist straps, crotch straps with 5 points safety buckle and ahead barrier and all locking components (e.g. brakes and recliner adjustment locks) must be working properly. Do not place a baby under six months old in a stroller until they are capable of sitting in an upright position.

Check further details of pram and stroller safety compliance in the Australian government’s product safety guidelines. Ensuring your pram or stroller meets safety standards can help your family enjoy all the adventures to come!